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Interdisciplinary Climate and Energy Research Group

Past meetings

January 15, 2016

Klimaomstilling i transport:  En studie av areal- og transportpolitikk i fire norske byer 
(In Norwegian)

Anders Tønnesen, Transportøkonomisk Institutt (TØI)


October 28th, 2015

Crisis, Continuity and Change in Sustainable Energy Policy in Brazil

Antonio Botelho

Professor of Political Science and International Relations

Centre for Comparative Political Economy, Iuperj / UCAM (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

In cooperation with Bergen University College


September 24th, 2015

UiB ERC project ice2ice: Studying the impact of Arctic sea ice changes on the Greenland ice sheet

Kerim H Nisancioglu

Professor of Climate Dynamics, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, University of Bergen


August 20th, 2015

Climate change and environmental policy in China: New developments of environmental policy and environmental criminal law in the People’s Republic

Professor Wang Shizhou, Peking University, China


3 June, 2015

The GDP-CO2 Relationship Revised: Testing for long-run correlation and asymmetry with a heterogenous panel estimator

Ole Martin Lægreid, PhD candidate, Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg


6 May, 2015

Transition to sustainable energy systems in emerging economies: A South African focused comparative project

Jan Froestad and Thor Øivind Jensen, Department of Administration and Organisation Theory


15 April, 2015

Connecting global climate to national energy policies: State of the art and future research agenda

Jessica Jewell, IIASA


25 March

Important impacts-relevant climate indices over Europe at the +2C threshold

Stefan Sobolowski, Uni Research Climate


4 March 2015

Scott Bremer, Center for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities, UiB

Co-producing climate knowledge for local adaptation in Bangladesh: the TRACKS narrative interviews


23 January 2015

Birgit Kopainsky, Department of Geography, UiB

Social-ecological systems modeling and adaptation to climate change in sub-Saharan Africa


10 April 2014

Discussion of new calls: Presentation of the funded TRACKS project


30 April 2014

Johannes Mauritzen, NHH

Explaining price developments in the solar photovoltaics market


15 May 2014

Funding opportunities. NOTE: At GFI, Allegaten


6 June 2014

Chantal Pacteau (CNRS, Paris)

Towards more resilient cities. NOTE: HF room 217 at 11-12.


13 June 2014

Håvard Haarstad (Dept. of Geography, UiB)

A human geographical approach to energy transitions


24 September 2014

University of Bergen climate and energy strategy discussion


15 October 2014

Stephan Lewandowsky (Psychology, U. Bristol)

Public opinion on climate change: Current directions and major questions


12 November 2014

Nasser Karami (Dept of Geography, UiB)

Estimates of the impacts of climate change and the prolonged drought of the Middle East on the economy of Europe


10 January 2013

Mathew Reeve

Interdisciplinary Bangladesh project: A proposal


24 January 2013

Discussion of KLIMAPRO pilot proposals


7 February 2013

Disscussion of KLIMAPRO pilot proposals


21 February 2013

Jerry Tjiputra, UiB

Stratospheric geongineering impact on future climate and global biogeochemistry


7 March 2013

Grant McDermott, NHH

Recon Hub


21 March 2013

Sandra Zicus, U. Tasmania

How does the use of the English language to communicate internationally about global environmental issues affect the perceptions of people in non-English speaking countries towards these issues?


26-27 April 2013

Jon Krosnick, Stanford

Climate change and public opinion.


16 May 2013

Edvard Hviding, UiB

Challenges of Climate and Policy in the Pacific Islands: The EU-funded ECOPAS Project