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Interdisciplinary Climate and Energy Research Group


Jessica Jewell at ICERG


ICERG gathers researchers from the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities for regular meetings and seminars to discuss on-going research. The meetings usually take place at the Faculty of Social Science.

The group is coordinated by Endre Tvinnereim (Uni Rokkan) and Håvard Haarstad (Department of Geography, University of Bergen). It was initiated by Tvinnereim as part of the Bergen Programme on Climate Governance at Uni Rokkan. Haarstad came in as co-coordinator from August 2014.

The meetings are always informal, and aimed to facilitate discussion. Attendance varies from a handful to more than 40. All interested are welcome.

Information about upcoming meetings is posted on this website as well as by email notification. If you want to be placed on the email list, please contact Håvard Haarstad (havard.haarstad@uib.no) or Endre Tvinnereim (endre.tvinnereim@uni.no).